Book Brewery ~ Dystopian beer variety pack based on classic dystopian novels.
Oasis the Board Game ~ A fun and interactive board game for all ages. The goal is to get your endangered species from their dying habitat to the oasis where they will thrive and survive.
Monster Munchies, Fruit Gummies ~ Wacky and wildly flavored fruit gummies with a fun mascot that can be updated with each new and fun flavor.
Food Allergy Research & Education ~ Illustrated bus advertisement for Food Allergy Research & Education.
A Guide to The Big Easy ~ A book featuring illustrated spreads and call out cards detailing all that New Orleans has to offer.
Brew Hub ~ Bar menu redesign for local restaurant.
Virtual Reality National Honey Bee Day ~ National Honey Bee Day 360 virtual reality facebook advertisement.
Baklava Food Delivery App UI/UX ~ A baklava ordering application and screen designs detailing how a customer would interact with the application.
Dino Tea Party ~ A linoleum block print series made into a stop motion animation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Full Moon Loading Icon ~ The moon phases as an loading animation for web and app use.

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